Saturday, April 7, 2007

About the Center Profiles

After the general post on how to look up a transplant center, I've decided to include profiles about specific centers on this blog. The purpose of these profiles is to describe transplant centers beyond the easily-obtainable information. They won't be simple links to the information described in the earlier post, but will include information (on the Internet and otherwise) that show what a center has done, what they're "up to" currently, and anything that is truly unique about one center versus most or all others. I'm thinking of doing approximately one a month, though this frequency may change depending on how the blog evolves and how busy a news day it is in the rest of the transplant world.

Centers will be chosen to be profiled with roughly the following priority:

  1. Request of a transplant center to be included
  2. An inquiry from a transplant patient or candidate, or a caregiver of one, about a specific center
  3. Nomination by a previously-profiled center
  4. A center that has been in the news, has a vivid history, or just flat-out intrigues me

I'll be writing these profiles myself, so any opinions expressed will be mine. I will attempt to contact the director of the transplant program being profiled and ask them to actively participate in two ways: first, to bring key features of their program to my attention, and second, to check what's written for factual accuracy. However, they won't be writing the profile and will not be able to censor unflattering-but-accurate content.

Comments will be open, and I hope that this will be the more interesting portion of the post. Anyone who has information or an opinion on a specific center is welcome to comment. Anonymous comments are fine. That said, "flaming" or personal attacks won't be permitted and will be deleted. Also, if you have a concern or question about a specific clinical situation, please contact the transplant center directly rather than post a comment.

Let's see how this goes...

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Stephanie Walker said...

Are you including UPMC? That would be great! They are the best!